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90s Teen Dream Queen: Miriam Christine Borg Is Officially Back With A Brand New Single

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Hold on to your wigs, because one of the most iconic singers from Malta’s past has just resurfaced. Gozitan-born Maltese/Brazilian singer and 90s/00s bombshell Miriam Christine is back with a bang.

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Miriam Christine has had a stellar career, cementing her place as one of Malta’s top singer/songwriters

And we also know her for the killer outfits she blessed us with anytime she stepped on the stage. At the young age of 17, she represented Malta in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest with her song ‘In A Woman’s Heart’, placing 10th overall.

But she’s been quite for a while. Therefore, it’s pretty exciting to hear that the 40-year old singer/songwriter has been hard at work in the studio during these past couple of months, putting together a brand new collection of songs, the first of which is Bi Ftit Kliem, to which she has written both the music and lyrics.

“I started working on this project after my father passed away, wanting to bare my soul for all to see. When he was gone, I learned a lot about life, especially about what matters most. Bi Ftit Kliem is the letter that I’ve always wanted to write to my children but couldn’t…”

She adds that they are “a few words that every mother felt and wanted to say to her children, even if maybe certain life’s circumstances stopped her from doing so”.

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The music video features Miriam singing the touching words, at points surrounded by children of all different ages. Including her very own son and daughter. This further drives home the message that the song is the words of any mother to their children, and will probably make you want to pick up the phone and call all of your family members right away.

Bi Ftit Kliem was written by Miriam Christine herself, and produced by Maurizio Campo, with the video directed by Shirley Spiteri Mintoff.

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