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WATCH: ‘A Tribute To A Friend’ – This 2017 Ode To The Azure Window Is The Perfect Emotional Throwback

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Today marks the second year anniversary of the collapse of Gozo’s beloved Azure Window, and we’re looking back at all the feels Malta had following the disappearance of our greatest natural icon.

Federico Chin, a vlogger, filmmaker and photographer who runs Fed’s World – Gozo, Malta & World, had uploaded a heartwarming video in honour of the Azure Window, and even two years later, it’s as overly emotional as they get.

“It was might and strong, and yet shy and frail,” the video describes the window. It goes on to describe the lost landmark as “Gozo’s Eiffel Tower” and Statue of Liberty, showing the Azure Window in all its (waning) glory throughout the decades.

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Federico had also shared a farewell letter, supposedly written by “Azure”

“This is my last message,” the emotional letter begins. “By the time you’ll be reading it, I will be gone forever. My bags are ready and a wave is coming for me tomorrow at around 9:30am.”

“It used to be so quiet once,” the message continues. “I liked it that way.”

“As for me, I’ll look for a quiet place, and if you miss me, just close your eyes and remember,” the letter poignantly concludes. “I’ll be there. Promise.”

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