WATCH: Famous Italian Dancer Films Thought-Provoking Choreography Video In Malta

A statement against terrorism, violence and racism

Michele Nocca, a famous Italian professional dancer who took part in Amici and So You Think You Can Dance Ukraine, has shot a choreography video to Sia's famous track 'The Greatest', and it's all set in Malta.

The video, which was also shot by a team of Maltese people, including director Steven Levi Vella, videographer Malik Atwair, editor Xandru Azzopardi and JA Hair & Makeup.

"We themed the song against terrorism and violence," explained John Azzopardi, who was the resident hairstylist and makeup artist. "We even wrote down places where terror attacks had happened on his arm in the start video, also including the number of people who were killed."

"The anger that grows in me makes me almost crazy, because it hurts and weakens me," Michele himself said on the dance. "Say no to terrorism, no to violence, and no to racism. Give up? Never!" The whole video, shot in very stark browns and blues, also has an underlying sense of rage and despair to it which definitely adds to this theme.

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In the first couple of days since its release, Michele's latest video had amassed nearly 30,000 views. A year on, it has more than 100,000 views.

And with such a dedicated fanbase, it's easy to see why. Nocca's frequently uploads are definitely the eye candy you need in between watching his dancing videos.

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