The 'Bob Marley Of Gozo' Drops Some Truth Bombs

He knows the struggle, and has managed to overcome it

Gozo's very own version of Bob Marley was featured in Italian-Maltese filmmaker Federico Chini's vlog, which captures the character of the island. Bob Marley, also known as John il-Wijza, describes his ideal existence as being one with nature.

Insisting that he lives only in the moment, away from any fear of what the future might hold, John believes "that young people should find out themselves who they are and be something they like, enjoy life, have peace and respect."


Leaping off Mgarr x-Xini's cliffs, il-Wijza insists that when he jumps "he has no fear". Speaking of his past, he describes a time when at a major rut in his life, "things got complicated", leading him to attempt to hold up a bank in Għarb.

However, serving his time, and putting the past behind him, John insists that he's put violence well behind him now, insisting that if someone hit him, he'd rather turn the other cheek.


Born to a Gozitan mother, Federico Chini's love affair for Gozo manifests itself through his short films and documentaries.

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