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Summer is a very busy season for the local and international music scenes, and July normally sees some of the largest amounts of new releases. This year was no exception in Malta, with new singles, music videos, and albums showing up everywhere. Here's what you might have missed.

1. Yannick feat. Eddie Fresco: Pass

215 Collective is as exciting as new acts get in Malta, and they keep dropping lit tracks on a very regular basis. Pass, which was just released today, features two of the dynamic hip hop trio, Yannick and Eddie Fresco. If this is what the boys are going to keep serving up, 215 Collective are definitely going places.

2. Brodu - Three music videos in one week!

Brodu stole the hearts of thousands with their song Iċ-Ċimiterju and their debut album back in 2014, so their second release had to special. The alternative sweethearts made sure to make July their month, by releasing three music videos in one week, in the run up to the launch of their second album, Tfejt. 

Erġajt Waqajt f'Koma (1st July)

Kanzunetta Biex Timla (3rd July)

Għandi l-Għatx (7th July)

3. Bernie & Pod: Ħelwa tal-Għaġeb

The Maltese language has lately been showing up in even more local bands' work, from brooding underground artists to chirpy, folky ditties. Here's a perfect example of the latter.

4. Clinton Paul: Lilek Qatt Ma Nsejt

Sure, this video technically was released on the last day of June, but that's close enough. Clinton Paul has become an ironic cult icon, and with another track, Under the Coconut Tree, being released just two weeks after this video, it seems like he's back with a bang. The question remains; when will we see CP at Eurovision?

5. Fuzzhoneys: Period

If you're trying to guess what this song by alternative female duo is about, go with your first instinct. Yep, Fuzzhoney's latest song is all about that time of the month. Because why not? #Femmetastic #LetItRain #NoShameInTheStain

6. Ira Losco: OMG

No, that's actually what it's called. But we're willing to bet it was also most people's reaction when this video dropped last week. Malta's biggest diva is back, and she's brought with her fresh talent in the form of Shyli, who definitely adds a whole lot of colour and bars to the track.

7. Plato's Dream Machine: Tessut

A boat, a summer daze, and a group of great friends on a day out. PDM are one of the alternative scene's most loved group of musicians, and their latest music video feels like one big nostalgic trip into Maltese summers, which will definitely have people clicking back come winter. Tessut, which is the closing track off their latest album ĠUF, is definitely the perfect song for a midsummer release.

8. Perfect Day: Don't Wake Up

These new kids on the metal block released this brutal feast to the ears yesterday. Perfect Day defy any preconceptions you might have on what their song is going to sound like by adding a bit of a playful, sarcastic and comic value the whole thing... especially with frontman Carlo's first verse.

9. Relikc: Strut (Papa's Got The Cash)

Another late June release which took over Maltese airwaves on July, you might've heard this ridiculously catchy song by Relikc on local radios lately. If you've ever wondered what the music video to it was, we have news for you; it's as adorably addictive as the song itself, featuring the coolest corgi in the world.

10. Siconix: MindF^ck V15

It's being called Malta's first trap release, and if this is how the music genre has debuted in Malta, then things are looking pretty darn promising. The video also features some sick choreography courtesy of Cheryl Lofreda from Concept of Movement.

11. Tydal: Turn The Stone

One year of inactivity later, rapper Rhys Bezzina is back as Tydal, and he's just promised his fan base that this is just the beginning. Lovers of local hip hop (who are definitely enjoying the current flourishing), keep this kid on your radar.

12. The Travellers: Ħafi, Paċi, Kuluri

You'll be hard pressed finding someone who doesn't know who The Travellers are thanks to all the airtime and love they've been getting by the mainstream as of late. Their latest track promises more of what their fans have come to love; acoustic guitars, brass numbers, Maltese lyrics... and dancing nuns?

13. The Velts: Season Of The Prey

This indie banger came out in the last week of June, but it's taken the alternative track and its trippy accompanying music video a couple of weeks to properly kick off. Now that it's debuting at the Kinemastik Short Film Festival this weekend, and with The Velts appearing on radio interviews and on the Beerfestival's rock stage this Sunday, the hype around the track — and the band — is definitely increasing.

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