ICYMI: Here's A Complete Rundown Of Last Night's Episode Of Lovin Live

The one where Chucky gets a tattoo and Ira Losco impersonates the Prime Minister's wife

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Lovin Malta's star-studded Facebook Live series kicked off with a bang yesterday and it featured everything from Malta's pop starlet doing a hilarious impression of the Prime Minister's wife to our very own Chucky recreating Ira Losco's iconic 7th Wonder walk. Here's how it went down. 

1. We started with a spot of teleshopping

Before the celebrity guests graced the Lovin Live sofa, Chucky met with Lovin Malta's David Grech Urpani to discuss the Big, Hard, Pressing Story of the Week (y'all, Ryan Gosling might star in a Hollywood film about a Maltese singing priest!) and hand out an award to this awesome fan-made rebranding of Twistees' notorious 2018 limited edition packet.

When that was said and done, however, it was time for our Sponsored Content Section... which saw Chucky casually brushing David's teeth with activated charcoal courtesy of the Natural Teeth Whitening Company. This is the teleshopping segment you didn't know you wanted!

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2. This week's SHIIIIIIEEEEEET questions were as tough as ever

You've got to hand it to Chucky and Ira. The tough (and at times extremely awkward) questions in our Shiiiiiieeeeeet segment are ones which the guests and host alike wouldn't have seen before, but they managed to get over the initial embarrassment... with the help of a sip of wine or two.

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I.L. + F.F. ?

Chucky kicked off the segment by asking Ira which celebrity tried to sleep with her but got rejected, and while the Maltese diva didn't want to divulge his name at first, she might as well have done it considering what came next. "Can I not name him and say he went to Eurovision before me? One year before me." Yeah, you can do the math on Wikipedia, but here's some help.

Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 10 14 43

"Oh, so Chucky isn't his real name?"

Surprise surprise, it's not. Chucky's first Shiiiiiieeeeeet question might've seemed way tamer than Ira's, but that didn't make it all the less personal considering how he's never chosen to divulge his real name. 

It's Andrew, by the way.

Hey, it did give Chucky an opportunity to slide in another F.F. reference (wonder who those initials stand for?)

Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 10 17 04

Chucky reading out Ben Camille's latest messages to him was straight out of fan-fiction

When asked to read out his latest conversation with a Maltese celebrity other than Losco herself, Chucky quickly whipped out (i.e. got thrown) his phone to read out some of the latest messages he had received from Maltese model and soon-to-be reality TV star Ben Camille. 

At one point, the conversation even ended with a casually-thrown Love you, giving us all the material for that Chuckcamille fan-fiction.

Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 10 31 55

Ira Losco doing an impression of Claudia Faniello and Michelle Muscat was everything

Sure, she might've initially found it a little awkward, but Ira Losco quickly got on board and gave us what is now officially the best celebrity impressions ever. It was like Faniello (with her trusty selfie cam) and the Prime Minister's wife Michelle Muscat (ring and all!) were right there in the room. Chucky could barely keep the laughter at bay, and to be quite honest, we don't blame him.

Ira definitely deserved having all the money put in for her charity of choice (Victim Support Malta) after those double-zingers.

Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 10 34 05
Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 10 39 43

3. "Would you let Malta's number one diva tattoo you?"

Yep; Chucky just went and got his first tattoo, and what better way to commemorate this special occasion than to actually have Ira freaking Losco do it? All the pair had to do was get into our special teleporter (i.e. the closet) to reappear in one of Malta's coolest tattoo parlours, SkinLabel.

Sure, the Maltese superstar is a very good drawer, but it seems like she kept forgetting the whole thing was permanent. Thankfully, the lovely Sarah from SkinLabel was on hand to offer her expertise, and Chucky's constellation tattoo eventually looked awesome. 

Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 10 48 01
Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 10 48 20

4. Can You Guess Whose Ass This Is?

Kris Micallef has a history of taking absolutely beautiful and very artistic photos of naked men, so we decided to put his talents to the test. Over the course of the next segment, Chucky shows him close-ups of men's asses from previous shoots by Kris, daring him to guess the ass. The photographer got to an excellent (albeit slightly bashful) record of guessing the people in the photo... until it got to a photo of his own ass, which left Kris all shades of red.

"Do you know my mum is watching?" Micallef said, before quickly grabbing hold of a glass of wine. "I can't believe we're talking about my ass on Lovin Malta."

Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 10 58 51
Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 10 59 11

5. The Diva-Off begins

The last challenge for the week was a fully-fledged diva-off between Ira and Chucky, but our host had an ace up his sleeve... and a wig behind his armchair. This should've helped him with the first hair-flipping challenge, but when up against someone like Ira Losco, that's quite a biggie. Kris Micallef (understandably) gave the first round of the diva-off to the Eurovision star.

Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 11 02 01

Our second challenge was "the second most important part about Ira Losco's life... a Magnum-off." The sensual lick-off quickly turned one-sided again, with Losco managing to even make the likes of Chucky Bartolo very confused.

The winner? Well, Ira again, of course. Chucky didn't even have to ask. "She's like a work of art with an ice cream," Kris said. 

Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 11 06 59
Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 11 07 46

The third and final challenge took us back to one of Eurovision's most iconic struts during Ira's 7th Wonder. It was Ira's turn first, and while she did dominate the strut the same way she had a whole 15 years ago, a new lace-wearing star was born last night, and his name is Chucky.

Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 11 11 35
Screen Shot 2017 09 05 At 11 13 31

6. Ending in style with a huge mouth-watering platter

Ocean Basket came through with an amazing platter which didn't take long to be absolutely annihilated by our whole crew, and it's pretty easy to see why; it was the perfect end to a 30ish minutes of non-stop action and fun, and it couldn't get any tastier. That's a wrap!

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Lovin Live would not have been possible without the help of V Squared Media's amazing crew, and our awesome sponsors SatarianoWine Club MaltaLaferlaMagnum MaltaSkinlabel Tattoo StudioNatural Teeth Whitening CompanyULTIMATE - MaltaOcean Basket Malta. Last but definitely not least, thanks to Rec Media Room for our studio! 

If you've got 30 free minutes, here's the first episode of Lovin Live in all its glory. In the meantime, stay tuned for Episode Two, coming next week!

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