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Mannequin Challenge Takes Over Malta, But Which Is Your Favourite?

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The Mannequin Challenge is the new Ice Bucket Challenge, except for the fact that it’s not out to help anyone, it’s just a bit of fun. A month or so after taking the world by storm, it’s finally hit our shores hard. Here are the ones we know about. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite below. 

1. Backstage at the Pink fashion show

2. Just an ordinary day at digital agency Anchovy

3. When there’s pastizzi in the office at Switch

4. Lads being lads

5. Mcast students planning a projection mapping show

6. Muxu’s family night for his nanna’s 84th birthday party

7. From the garage to the toilet

So which is your favourite? Vote now!

Do you know of any more #MannequinChallenges from Malta? Send them to us on Facebook

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