Hit TV Series 'Supernatural' Features Malta In Its Newest Episode... Getting A Couple Of Things Very Wrong In The Process

Everything from the Valletta International Airport to the whole country's official language

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Hit TV series Supernatural is now in its thirteenth season, with an international fanbase that is still very strong. For its last episode, the series' major plot point was our very own Malta. Unfortunately, they also proceeded to butcher a lot of facts about the Mediterranean island.

The episode (Season 13 Episode 15), which aired late last week, centred around Sam and Dean trying to retrieve the first of four ingredients they need to open a portal to Apocalypse World (so far, so good). The first ingredient on their list is the blood of a most holy man, and their search leads them to Malta. In fact, the episode itself is called A Most Holy Man, and it definitely shines a light on the great sense of tradition and religion that's very present in Malta. But that's where the inaccuracies start cropping up.

Of course, spoilers ahead. 

To be fair, the episode's storyline features a number of fictional narratives that wouldn't really go amiss on an island like Malta.

For starters, the 'Holy Sisters of Malta' can be seen guarding the skull of St. Peter in the beginning of the episode. The protagonists also meet a Father Lucca Camilleri (or is it Camanyeri?), a well-meaning priest who is on a mission to retrieve the skull. In fact, the whole thing has a certain noir, Maltese Falcon vibe to it all. Also, quick side-note: in a moment of possible shade from the TV series' creators, Camilleri says Malta's Police Force "can't handle something like this."

Of course, to try and fetch the skull (which he plans on doing by buying it back with a suitcase full of Euros), Father Camilleri gets on a direct flight from Malta to Seattle. From the international airport. Of Valletta. 

There's also the small added fact that Camilleri, along with pretty much every Maltese person featured in the episode, doesn't just speak Italian... he's literally Italian.


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As with most Supernatural episodes, last week's offering made it on discussion boards online, most notably Reddit's Maltese section.

"The latest Supernatural featured Malta (sort of)," a post read, going on to point out all the episode's inaccuracies. And whether it was the prospects of having direct flights to Seattle or the idea that the Maltese language doesn't even exist, all the errors were beautifully put on blast.

"It was a nice shout out," one user said, "but they could have done a bit better with using the correct language and some more believable points."

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