If You Watch One Valentine's Day Video Today, This Should Be It

The video wants you to break up for Valentine's Day, and it has a point

While millions of people all around the world have spent this last week getting ready for a romantic Valentine's Day, one woman decided it's time for her to break free from a toxic relationship... with plastic.

In a short film by UN Environment entitled #CleanSeas, the protagonist - Sandra - goes through the all-too familiar phases of having to sit down and tell a partner that she's going to have to cut it off for good. It turns out that her old flame, however, was a bunch of plastic, from bottles to wrappings. As Sandra quickly realises, "it's not me, it's you."

Sandra walks through some of her (retrospectively) worst memories in her relationship with plastic, where even though it's always been there for her, resulted in a toxic relationship for herself and countless others around the world.

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It turns out that Sandra has already found a new love, and she's not alone. As she pulls out a metal bottle, other people from all around the world can be see taking the plunge themselves and breaking up with the plastic in their own lives.

The short video might not even run a whole two minutes, but it's hilarious as it's effective. In the UN Environment's own words, the PSA is meant to be "a lighter look at the issue of marine litter", and is aimed at getting people to ditch single-use plastics.

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The video is part of the #CleanSeas initiative, and UN Environment want people all around the world to pledge to take action. As it stands, over 69,000 people have already joined the movement, and anyone wishing to join can do so on the official website.

Tag someone who'd love to check this video out and join the pledge!

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