Is This Malta's Coolest Dance Music Video?

The perfect balance between intriguing and terrifying.

Crux, Malta's mysterious synth-pop collective that have been mixing things up in the local music scene since 2014, have just dropped the music video for their latest single "Smiling Man".

The song is weird and hypnotic, and the music video directed by Steven Levi Vella compliments it perfectly. It's just the right amounts of creepy meets  meets cool - with a few stand-out scenes that will remain burned in your brain.


Crux at Rock The South Malta

The dancer, Sergio Laferla, also pulls out all the stops performing some killer moves that we all know we're going to try and replicate next time we're slightly more drunk than we should be at Havana.

He twists and contorts in ways that seem almost too painful to pull off, and we know somewhere out there Sia is sitting behind an oversized wig nodding in approval.



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Chucky Bartolo

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