WATCH: Italian Children Give An Adorable Tour Of Gozo's Must-Sees

Fall in love with the island all over again

Three Italian children have condensed an epic adventure across Gozo into a couple of minutes in what is probably one of the cutest travel vlogs ever.

The trio visited Gozo last year and were eager to share their travelling tips to everyone through their father/uncle's Facebook page, Fed's World.

Screen Shot 2017 07 19 At 15 47 14

They snack on pastizzi and down some Kinnie before setting off to see what Gozo has to offer. From Ċittadella to Ramla l-Ħamra all the essentials are covered.

Even if you don't speak Italian, watching the kids enjoy their time on the island is always entertaining to watch.

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The director, Fed, is also quite confident that their magnetic cuteness will draw in all the right kinds of attention, as he jokingly tells the Malta Tourism Authority they "owe him another one".

Screen Shot 2017 07 19 At 15 45 43
Screen Shot 2017 07 19 At 15 46 30

There's even a tragic little quip at our iconic landmark that has made its way to the bottom of the inland sea. Gone, but never forgotten.

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