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Today is 4/20, a day dedicated to the celebration of cannabis around the world. To mark the occasion, Lovin Malta is asking the question: What if Malta legalised weed? 

So far Uruguay was the first country to completely legalise marijuana and Canada recently announced it will be doing the same. Meanwhile, eight US states have also legalised cannabis for recreational use. Many other countries around the world are currently discussing doing the same. 

Based on the income generated in Colorado, it is estimated that Malta could stand to rake in €180 million and a third of the taxes generated by the iGaming industry.

Malta decriminalised cannabis possession in 2015, but it is technically still not legal. Possession of cannabis up to 3.5 grams can result in a fine between €50 and €100 and while users are not taken to court, police can detain you for up to 48 hours to extract information on traffickers. Anything above 3.5 grams still results in court action and if it is considered enough to count as trafficking, a potential prison term. Cannabis cultivation beyond one plant results in an automatic jail term. 

The Maltese government is currently studying the possibility of softening the law on medical marijuana and offering more discretion to magistrates when it comes to cannabis cultivation. 

Meanwhile, Lovin Malta is currently raising funds for a nationwide campaign to promote the key platforms of our April Fool manifesto, where legalising marijuana was a core issue. If you want to support the campaign, donate here

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