WATCH: The Hottest Maltese Banger You've Never Heard

Good luck getting this one out of your head!

Back in the 1980s, way before Tupac Shakur dropped California Love, there was another artist reppin' the various ends of our very own shores.

Bigging up the MLT was a guy called Joe George, who's modestly named track 'Malta Is Nice' was quite the hit with tourists and locals alike back in it's heyday. For some reason it seems to have disappeared from public awareness, but thanks to car boot sales and YouTube, we're able to rekindle those catchy calypso vibes in 2016.

Fun On A Boat

This clump of pixels is (probably) a group of people having fun on a boat.

Simple, sweet and straight to the point, 'Malta Is Nice' might just be the hottest summer tune to ever be produced on the island, after Fabrizio Faniello's 'Another Summer Night' of course, which let's face it is the biggest banger to come out of this side of the Baltic.

The music video is somewhat of a gem in itself, shot mostly around the Chalet area of the Sliema front. The camera pans amorously up towards the Preluna Hotel a few times, revealing just how proud we were of this symbol of modernity, back when it was the tallest building in Malta. This is coming from a different era, when 'highrise' meant the risqué cut of your swimsuit. 

Joe Ft Fortizza And Collar

The man himself, featuring a popped collar and a fortizza.

And boy did they like a bit of highrise- you've gotta dig the oil slick black one-piece Joe's long haired lady friend is strutting her stuff in just outside Sliema Pitch. Joe himself also looks super suave with his popped collar, gold chain and boombox on the shoulder like a true G. 

With deep lyrics like "Picturesque land, a big brass band, beautiful nation, good population", the song is enough to make any Maltese person smile. Ok, so it's super corny and a more than a little bit cringe, but who can help feeling a warm and fuzzy sense of pride at the sight of our very own rainbow striped luzzus, glimmering churches and crystal clear seas. 

As well as pride is the faint, overall sense of nostalgia for a time that just seemed a little more innocent. The bright neon lights of Paceville in the video were there to entice you in for a Piña Colada and little more. Comino's Blue Lagoon looks almost untouched, a true paradise devoid of pricey, crammed-in deckchairs and selfie stick wielding day-trippers. 

Luzzu Shots

Check out them luzzus bro!

And can we just talk about the windsurfing situation? If we had flouro sails like that nowadays I swear you wouldn't see me from June to September. 

But really and truly, the message of this song remains timeless. Our rugged coastline and bright blue seas aren't going anywhere fast. Our festas are still in full swing, greasy poles and all. Most importantly the sun's shining. Despite the things we complain about, we've got it pretty good. All together now: 

"Malta is nice..."

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