These Drone Shots Of Mosta Dome Should Be The Opening Of A Blockbuster

This is one landmark you must visit in Malta

If you're a film producer scouting your next amazing location for the opening of an awesome blockbuster, you might want to check out this short video.

These sensational drone shots by Josef Awad show the Mosta Dome in all its restored glory. The Dome is famous for having narrowly avoided destruction during World War II when a German bomb pierced through it but didn't explode. As Wikipedia quaintly put it: "This event was interpreted by the Maltese as a miracle."


The neoclassical Church is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and was built between 1833 and the 1860s by Giorgio Grognet de Vassé.

Sorrentino take note. Maybe this should be used for season two of The Young Pope when a dashing Jude Law is overthrown by a wolf-in-teddy-bear-clothing bishop from Malta. 

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