These Maltese Dubs Are As Hilarious As They Are Rude

PG16 for intense savagery

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We all know a good dub can really set the Maltese off, and if you throw in a couple of local swear words you know we're already laughing before the clip's even begun. 

A recent trend on social media has seen short, 3-5 second clips with Maltese spoken over the original script go viral, as friends send each other these snippets for a quick, but memorable, laugh. Here are a few examples of these.

1. Chucky snaps back, and quite harshly too

In true Maltese style, Chucky (the doll) takes it from 0-100 in like 1.5 seconds, and doesn't hold back anything.

2. Everyone should try it at least once... even Rose

She seems to be enjoying it, plus you're guaranteed to not get pregnant. What's not to love?

3. This Maltese reptile did not come to play

Have you ever had a nanna try and force-feed you a vegetable you weren't feeling? Well, this little lizard man totally gets it.

4. In the time it took that insect to be rejected, Rose got everything ready to go

It seems her first experience on the front of the ship was enough to get her ready for a second, third and forth go. 

5. A Maltese planet of the apes would include some seriously sick burns

Who needs witty comebacks when a classic 'yo momma' joke will do the job?

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Chucky Bartolo

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