Was This The Best Host Family In Malta?

This French student clearly thought so

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A young French guy who was in Malta as a 13-year-old English-language student tracked down his host family 15 years later to thank them for his experience. 

Using only an old photograph, French blogger Ben N'co returned to San Ġwann to locate the Ritchie family. After asking around 10 people whether they recognised the family from the photo, Ben finally found someone who knew the father, Steve Ritchie, and gave him a call.

Before he knew it, Ben was reunited with the entire Ritchie family and even managed to recreate the old photo that helped him find them. 

Finding his old Maltese host family was just one of the challenges Ben set himself this year after he decided to quit his dead-end job at a supermarket and travel the world making videos. In the previous episode from his YouTube vlog, Ben sets the challenge of surviving Berlin on €0. 

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