WATCH: 1,000 Kilos Of Waste Cleared In Four Hours At Tricky Paradise Bay Clean Up

Nearly 900 kilos were just plastic

Maltese clean-up eNGO Żibel have been very over the last couple of months, and they ended July with another impressive endeavour. This time, the group (totalling about 60 people) took to the Natura 2000 site of Paradise Bay, and they managed to clear the area of over 1,000 kilos of waste in four hours.

"When we scouted the area we saw the state it was in for ourselves," the organisers told reporters"Sadly, our roundabouts are cleaner than our Natura 2000 sites." The organisers, helped by young, old, local and foreign volunteers used the Paradise Bay Lido's supply lift to transport the huge amount of waste up from the beach.

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Of the over 1,000 kilos of waste collected, 884 were plastic. And considering one average plastic bottle weighs 18 grams, we're looking at the equivalent of nearly 50,000 bottles. Żibel also collected 123 kilos of glass and 7.5 kilos of metal. 

"This was by far our hardest location to date," Żibel explained in their Facebook post. Of course, the rough terrain didn't help, but the volunteers formed a human chain to carry the waste back to the main beach. There were even people in the sea helping to clear the waste. 

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Żibel is run on a purely voluntary basis and organisers stressed that cleanups were only possible thanks to help offered by sponsors such as Ecopure, lift services, Browns, Nexus Gaming Intelligence, WasteServ and the Cleansing Services Department.

The eNGO is now getting ready for more cleanups around the island for August, and even though they have yet to decide on the next site, co-founder Andrew Schembri said they'll definitely find somewhere. "We've got some ideas, and to be honest we're spoilt for choice," he said.

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