WATCH: 8 Things We Learned From Watching This Hilarious Gozo Channel Safety Video

Please put your phones on airplane mode and pay attention to this security video

Malta's parody king is back at it again with another video, this time the victim is the Gozo Channel's safety announcement video that plays on the treacherous ferry ride between Malta and Gozo.

As always, Kingswell provides a slightly alternative narrative to the original video, so here's what we learnt from this parody.

1. The ferry's evacuation alarm is a rock song

Ddk 1

2. Tessie has no clue where the life vests are

Ddk 2

3. But she'll try her best to help out

Ddk 4

4. The people who help out on-board are chosen based on style

Ddk 3

5. The Gozo ferry's life vests come with a AA battery charger so you can play Candy Crush till you're rescued

Ddk 5

6. The ferry also offers Lampuki fishing lessons for just €50/second

Ddk 6

7. Splash and fun can 'f*ck a duck' as they get ready to open a new Water Park out at sea

Ddk 7

8. And finally a bit of humour can make waves in your community

Taking to Facebook to share his excitement, Daniel announced that his first video of the year was selected as one of Youtube's trending clips - which is pretty damn cool.

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