WATCH: 84-Year-Old Sliema Nanna Slays Her Piano Solo

You have to check this out!

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In case any of you need some inspiration today, check out this incredible clip of Cynthia Turner showing everyone that age is but a number!

Cynthia Turner grew up in Sliema, and has been slaying the game since well before most of us were born. At the peak of her musical career she would practice her craft for up to six hours a day.

Although this video was sneakily filmed during a fun family performance, Ms Turner is a celebrated musician whose career even boasts an almost impromptu performance for Queen Elizabeth's royal visit in 1967.

Cynthia And The Queen

Cynthia Turner meets Queen Elizabeth

Photo: Cynthia Turner /

While many were awed by her skills, the sweetest comment was one that recalled a time when she'd wait under Ms Turner's window in Dingli Street, just to catch an echo of her music.

Little Girl Memories

Rock on Ms Turner!

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