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After half a decade of anticipation, Malta's capital city took the crown of European Capital of Culture to the tune of four extravagant performances last Saturday night. While much has been said about some performances (and many people still aren't sure what to think about it all), there's no denying that the celebrations were larger than life. Now, all four performances have been published online for everyone's viewing pleasure thanks to one person who was tuned in to TVM Live all night.

Whether you want to relive it all or missed out on the night (or were caught amidst a crowd of slightly taller people), this is your perfect opportunity to watch the four, 20 minute Erba Pjazez performances.

And hey; once you're done, come back to tell us what you really think about one of the most hyped Maltese events in recent history!

1. Castille Square:  Minn Qiegħ L-Imgħoddi għall-Quċċata tal-Ġejjieni

In a 3D , CGI projection created by digital artist Duane Laus, this show covered the entire facade of the Auberge de Castille in a complete history of Malta. 

The sprawling animations sees viewers across millennia, from a staggering 10,000,000 years ago to present times. There's even a glimpse into Malta's future beyond 2118... which seems to feature a bunch of neon jellyfish and a jungle of high-rises.

2. St. George's Square:  Qalbna

A contemporary dance performance with a difference. Set to music composed by Cyprian Cassar especially for this occasion, Paolo Mangiola's choreography was accompanied by a huge pyramid which interacted with the dancers' movements. The backdrop's animations were the work of Blaze Animation, and the 20 minute performance went from serene and uplifting to intense and epic.

3. St. John's Square:  Elfejn u Tmintax

One of the longest Maltese medleys to ever see the light of day,  Elfejn u Tmintax   saw a choir of over 100 singers perform  in front of the recently-unveiled refurbished St. John's Co-Cathedtral. 

With Eurovision veterans Amber and Glen Vella soloing along the history of the island, the medley saw everything from an impromptu għana  number to an intense  Ara ġejja l-mewt għalik  chant. And of course, trippy projections lit up the majestic 16th century cathedral for the whole duration.

4. Triton Square:  Il-Qawma Tat-Tritoni

The Rise of the Tritons was easily the most talked-about performance of the four, partly due to its nature, and partly due to its location.

The return of the majestic Triton Fountain to its former glory was one of the last grand unveilings in Valletta ahead of last Saturday's celebrations. And with a towering robot spotted on the streets of the capital in the days leading up to the big night (not to mention one looked like a massive hamster wheel), expectations were high. 

International theatrical company  La Fura Dels Baus  brought their usual A-game to the square with a 20-minute performance that was definitely a sight to behold. Huge tridents were lit on fire, over sixty acrobats were suspended just over the fountain, and that blue robot casually walked all the way across the square. Whether or not a very similar show had been performed in previous cities before (which it definitely had), one thing was for sure; Valletta hadn't ever seen the likes of something like this.

BONUS: The Afterparty

What do you get when you mix Tenishia and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra? Well, a combination of old favourites (be they electronic or classical), with an added dose of dramatic. The whole thing spanned just over one hour long, making it the longest performance of the night.

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