WATCH: Behind The Scenes Footage Of Hit Maltese Film 'The Boat' Shows Us Some Insane Movie Magic

Wait, you mean it wasn't a real storm?

How do you control the weather? Not a question many people may have asked themselves, but a good one indeed. And local film producer and director Winston Azzopardi certainly needed to find out how.

His film 'The Boat' starring his son Joe Azzopardi relies heavily on the weather because (spoiler alert) it's full of fog, and rain, and lightning.

A couple of videos have recently been released that include behind the scenes footage showing how the team created the storm scenes and the fog, and it's pretty frikkin cool

They include filling tents with fake fog, industrial-sized hoses, and using a crane to lift a fake cabin into the sea. Wild.

The local run of 'The Boat' at the Eden Cinemas is coming to an end this weekend, as the team behind it await the results of their nomination at the UK National Film Awards for Best Director to be announced.

So if you haven't caught The Boat yet, you have a few days left to watch this stunning Maltese film.

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