WATCH: Ben Camille Is Ready To Become Malta's Kim Kardashian

We have a first look at the new trailer

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Step aside Hollywood starlets, Ben Camille is coming for your crown. Late last night Ben went public with the title of his new reality show, and it's going to be... Benjamin. Nice and simple. 

The show's main premise is a raw look and intimate look into the Maltese heartthrob's daily life, and if the trailer is anything to go by, we're getting a very personal look.

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The show also stars his close family and friends, including his wife (fitness guru Xtina), and his mother Carina, who's blunt, no-bullshit personality is exactly why shows like this became a thing.

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Speaking to Lovin Malta, Ben has said he's excited, but also very nervous about the whole thing. "It's going to be real and unedited. But I'm happy to be working with Sharp Shoot Media, some of the most talented people in the industry."

"I just hope that through this reality show we will be able to spread the love and keep people entertained at the same time"

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Photo: Gary Bugeja

We cannot wait to binge-watch this series, and considering the Maltese are so nosy, we're sure it's gonna be a huge hit. Our advice to Ben is to follow the mantra published on his own page, "nothing is easy without determination and hard work (sic)".

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