WATCH: Ben Camille Leaves Young Theatre Students Stunned And Blushing In Hilarious Taxi Prank

Some of the nine girls were clearly fans of the Maltese actor and presenter... others, clearly not so much

Celebrities aren't who you'd expect to run into when you walk into a taxi, but that's exactly what a group of young Maltese girls got. And seeing as they had absolutely no idea about the whole thing until they had blurted out everything they thought about said celebrity, there was quite a lot of blushing to be had.

Reality star, actor and X-Factor Malta host Ben Camille recently tricked a group of students into unknowingly sharing their opinions of him while he drove them around in a taxi, and the truths revealed are sure to crack you up.

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The students being questioned were from Mrieħel's St. Theresa College, who are putting on a production called A Tribute To The Greatest Showman for their Prize Day celebrations.

Because of this, the nine students were first asked a general question about the star-studded film, before the conversation became more local... and way more cheeky.

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That moment when you're just about to spill some tea

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With Ben at the wheel but hidden behind a black screen, the girls were asked which Maltese people they believed were showmen, and when prompted to talk about Ben Camille, they had some pretty harsh remarks

Everything from the Maltese star's "naqa iżżejjed" showmanship to the fact that he leaves his shirt a bit too unbuttoned was put on blast, as the students giggled their way through a Camille roasting session. Some of the more scathing reviews included one girl straight up saying that he was not a showman, but others were a bit more careful with their answers, calling Camille a presenter rather than a performer.

But it wasn't all bad for the X-Factor Malta presenter, as some said he was quite funny and made them laugh, while others focused on his physical appearance.

One of the girls even commented multiple times that he is "ħelu, ħelu", and quite frankly, I don't disagree.

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"Ħelu, ħelu, mela..."

Screenshot 2019 05 09 At 14 05 17

"U le..."

Ben Camille Shirtless

You and me both, sister

And then, it was time for the big reveal

As Ben himself pushed back the black screen and introduced himself to the stunned and embarrassed students, their shocked expressions really do say it all.

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Camille continued to joke around and tease the girls about the answers they gave while they attempted to cover their faces in humiliation, but I'm afraid it was too late, because we can now all see that iconic moment when the joke was revealed.

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Tag someone who would've loved to be driven around by Ben Camille

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