WATCH: Ben Camille Turns Up The Heat In Sweaty Insta-Story Workout

Also, breaking: he has a man-bun now

Ben Camille and his new man-bun have caused waves online after he posted shirtless and sweaty insta-story detailing his workout.

Coached by brother Dale Camille, Ben gave his all in a series of push ups, lunges and some other exercise we probably should have paid more attention to... but we were slightly distracted.

Looking For 4

That's right - Malta's heartthrob debuted his new hairdo to the world of social media and it's all anyone can seem to focus on.

Just in case you're planning on doing the nine-snap workout at home, this is the running order (best that we can tell, anyway).

Switch lunges, boxing reps, pushups, wall sits,  rolling pushup with weights, butt lifts, treadmill and finally some planking (with added weights for Insta-drama).

Lovin Cover 11

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Chucky Bartolo

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