WATCH: Boaters Retrieve Large Plastic Tank, Chair And Pallets Floating Off The Coast Of Malta

'When will we learn that by taking care of the environment, we're taking care of our health?'

Plastic continues to fill up the oceans around the world, and the Mediterranean is definitely no exception. Taking to the gorgeous sea around Malta for a weekend of boating, a group of Maltese people came across a not-so-pleasant sight; a large plastic tank just floating around.

In a video uploaded onto Facebook by Jurgen Borg, a boat can be seen approaching the large, blue water tank, as one man tries to retrieve it. After trying to flip it over a couple of times, the man finally manages to bring the tank - which is nearly as tall as an adult - onto a dinghy. The video explained to viewers that, upon returning back to the shore, the tank would be "probably recycled".

Some moments later, the group came across even more objects floating in the sea, including a broom, wooden pallets, and a plastic chair.

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In less than 24 hours, the video got over 2,000 views, with many people commending the group of Maltese boaters for going out of their way to retrieve the waste.

As other people pointed out, the islands had just been battered by strong winds towards the end of last week, displacing a lot of loose objects in seaside venues around Malta. However, as many more explained, the worrying sight wouldn't have come as too much of a surprise even if we didn't just go through a couple of days' of strong winds.

Clearly, therefore, there's still much to learn when it comes to properly disposing of plastic and other large waste, and as Jurgen himself put it, "when will we learn that by taking care of the environment we're taking care of our health?"

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