WATCH: "Burning Bikinis" Documentary Highlights Delayed Women's Rights In Malta

More than just the evolution of swimwear

A documentary on the history of women's rights in Malta will be aired at the Valletta Film Festival on Saturday 17th June, in St George's Square, Valletta. 

The screening, which has no entrance fee, will shed light on a period of female emancipation in Malta – specifically looking at the early to mid-1960s, a time when the rest of the world was embracing free love and flower power. It will take a look at Malta’s feminist past, reminding viewers that the rights we enjoy today were fought for by groups of strong and determined activists.

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'Burning Bikinis' was a project run by human rights NGO aditus foundation. The documentary's departure point is the bikini – a seemingly frivolous piece of clothing that was introduced to the Maltese seaside culture in the 60’s. The film explores the social and religious furore that surrounded that time, and delves into the social and cultural impact it had on Maltese society from a gender perspective. 

Maria Grech Ganado Interview

The documentary was directed by Emmanuel Tut-Rah Farah and Alessandro Tesei, and co-produced with Subwaylab. It was first aired in April of this year, and includes interviews key figures in Malta, whose testimonies help uncover the reality of the feminist movement in Malta today.

The project was financed by the Arts Council Malta, the US Embassy in Malta and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Malta.

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For more information on the screening, visit the Valletta Film Festival page. 

aditus foundation is a non-governmental organisation established in 2011 by a group of young lawyers. The organisation's core beliefs are in universality, interdependence & indivisibility of all human rights. Their mission is to promote a society where all persons are able to access and enjoy all their fundamental human rights.

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