WATCH: Bus Driver Shouts At 81-Year-Old Man On Maltese Bus Packed With Passengers

He reportedly even threatened to beat the old man up

In a video which quickly went viral after being posted on Facebook on Wednesday morning, a bus driver can be seen loudly arguing with an 81-year-old man on a packed Maltese bus. 

According the to the uploader, the incident happened on Bus 386 that same morning, between 7:30 and 8am.

In the video, the driver can be heard hurling abuse and shouting swear words at the old man, who kept repeating that he was in a hurry. 

According to the original video uploader, the driver even threatened the old man of beating him up, which something that the man repeats himself. 

On multiple occasions during the one minute video, the driver can also be heard shouting at the old man that he should drive himself if he was in such a hurry, to which the 81-year-old man replied that he doesn't even know how to drive.

The video was shared over 200 times on Facebook, amassing over 30,000 views. The hundreds of comments were actually very varied, from people condemning the driver's actions to others actually suggesting that if the old man was in such a hurry, then he should've considered alternate means of transport, like a taxi.

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