WATCH: Decades-Old Video Shows Off Għaxaq's Intense Spontaneous Carnival In The 90s

Old-school thrills with no added frills

While thousands of Maltese people head to Nadur every year for Carnival weekend, there is another village back on the mainland which has been doing its own thing for decades. We've already seen how Għaxaq's Carnival might just be as intense as the Gozitan village's, but we now have proof that it's been this school since at least the 1990s.

In Masquer, an eight-and-a-half-minute short film by Anthony Agius, the small southern village's carnival bears it all in the rawest way possible. A gang of children can be seen dressing up in rudimentary, scary masks and descending onto the village's streets, in the usual Għaxaq style which ends up being a hybrid of Carnival and Halloween.

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By the end of the film, the focus shifts to the nighttime events, which go into the expected overdrive. 

As the sun sets, more revellers make their way to Għaxaq's spontaneous, and the village core quickly becomes the centre of colours, merry-making, and a couple of rather unsettling costumes.

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Even by this point in the 1990s, Għaxaq's spontaneous carnival had been going on for decades, and has managed to persist up to this day. The very same Anthony Agius had in fact uploaded a similar Carnival round up from 2017's festivities, featuring larger crowds and brighter lights, but just as unique costumes.

The Karnival Tradizzjoniali Għaxqi returns this year, starting from Sunday and continuing up to Tuesday.

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Do you have any old photos from previous Carnivals? Share them in the comments and tag someone who needs to check out Għaxaq's festivities this weekend!

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