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WATCH: Delia’s K-Hole? PN Leader Stars In Italian DJ Page’s Cocaine Meme

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Do you know that awkward moment when you confuse ketamine with cocaine? Well, if you had to take one Italian DJ page’s word for it, Opposition Leader Adrian Delia does.

Taking to Instagram to share another meme with its nearly 30,000 followers, Live Set D uploaded that clip of Delia getting ready for a press statement… along with a pumping beat and a not-so-subtle caption.

“When the line of coke that dude gave you in the bathroom turned out to be ketamine”. 

I can’t relate, but I can definitely laugh. And I definitely am.

Within the first day of being uploaded, the video had already amassed over 28,000 views, with that number only climbing as time went by.

While the embattled leader of the Nationalist Party can’t seem to catch a break back home, it appears he’s going to have to look out for other countries’ memers too now. Eesh.

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