WATCH: Does Malta Really Have The 'Smartest Diet In The World'?

TBH I just want a pastizz now

Watch out Malta; it looks like we've got a new Nas Daily on our hands. Mitch Summers is the latest Facebook vlogger to shed some international light on our tiny little island.

Mitch recently released a video all about something called 'the moderation diet', a diet he believes most of us here in Malta follow. He claims that, despite all the unhealthy food we eat, people in Malta live longer and are less obese because we practice moderation.


Apparently, we eat enough fruit and veg to balance out our carb-loaded snacking habits, and each much smaller portions than most people. We're less obsessed with being healthy and losing weight, and we're not constantly stressed about our image, because healthy moderation is engrained into our diets.

This, of course, is completely made up

But Mitch claims it's based on common sense. And while it may be true for some people here on the island, I wouldn't say it's a hard and fast rule. However, I do suggest you watch the video because it showcases some of the best food our islands have to offer.

Mitch Food

Mitch Summers and his team try out several classics like pastizzi, timpana, ftira and imqaret, and he even calls Malta 'the most delicious country in Europe'. To be totally honest, after watching this video I just want to go and eat a kilo of pastizzi rikotta. Did I just totally debunk his theory? Perhaps.

Mitch also has a couple other videos shot in Malta

That are not necessarily about Malta, but include some beautiful backdrops. He even has one that features Nas Daily, that means it was probably filmed when Nas visited Malta to film his 1,000th and final video.

Tag a friend who needs to practice moderation

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