WATCH: Find True Maltese Gold In This Heartwarming Video Set In A Field Of Potatoes

The Maltese field is where the magic happens

Steve Zammit Lupi, the University graduate with a passion for farming, has put his videography skills to good use to create this touching look at a Maltese farming family and their daily thoughts.

Following the family of Joseph Farrugia, a well-known farmer known for his positivity as well as his online mentoring, the video shows the hard work required to take care of a field.

"Joseph loves potatoes, and he inspired everyone with his morning motivation posts in the group so I had to meet up," says Steve. "It's a real labour of love for potatoes, but his heart bounces as he sees the gold potatoes surface."

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Explaining the crops that his family grows and the markets they sell them to, the video gives a real insight into the farming life, one that is rarely seen in Malta anymore.

"You know what satisfaction is?" asks the hard-working farmer, with a smile on his face. "Coming to your field after four or five months struggling, and - as long as the air is on your side - you see gold rising from the ground."

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