WATCH: Footballer Rowen Muscat Teams Up With Red Electrick's Ivan To Learn A New Skill

And we're high key in love

We feel a bit like we're treading some dangerous waters by even bringing this up after that, you know, controversial article about attractive Maltese footballers that was entirely satirical but not necessarily received as so.

But national football player Rowen Muscat just melted our cold little hearts a bit by trying to learn how to play guitar.


Apparently, local singer Kevin Paul Calleja challenged him to pick up a guitar and play a short melody

So Rowen met up with Red Electrick's bassist Ivan, picked up a guitar, and got playing. And it was a rollercoaster of emotions.


It took him a couple of tries, he almost gave up at one point, but Ivan was a patient teacher and eventually Rowen managed to master the melody. Kevin Paul seemed pretty impressed, and hinted at challenging Rowen to something new.

Maybe we'll be treated to Rowen singing an acoustic version of the national anthem before the next big match.

Tag a friend who's been saying they want to learn guitar but never actually got down to it

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