WATCH: Gozo Is The Perfect Backdrop For Inspirational Short Film All About Individuality

'Invent yourself. And then, reinvent yourself'

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Sometimes, all you need to really get inspired is a reminder of the beauty around you. And if that's the case, then this short film shot in Gozo will definitely do the trick. 

The latest work by Ricky Bugeja Film & PhotographyDivergence, is all about being different. Set against some of Gozo's most beautiful scenes, the film takes the audience on a bike trip around the sister island,

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"In January, it is common practice for most of the human race in the western world to try to reinvent itself," filmmaker Ricky Bugeja said of his project. "Filled with a bloated air of optimism and a counterfeit sense of starting afresh - we sometimes forget that our life does not simply reset with the setting of the sun on each December 31st. We own our history, we own our present, and therefore, we have a say in our own future. Divergence is a depiction of this spirit."

To add to the final product's powerful imagery, the film also features a moving narration of No Leaders Please, a poem by Charles Bukowski. Add some sprawling drone footage and a sunset over Dwejra, and you've got yourself a winner.

Divergence might be shorter than four minutes, but it manages to squeeze in some truly memorable moments. The whole thing was filmed in one afternoon and took a week to edit. 

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