WATCH: Halloween Fever Heads To Marsascala As Young Couple Debuts Their 'Haunted Garage'

Halloween hit the south of Malta

As Malta was gripped by Halloween fever last night one couple in Marsascala wanted to celebrate in proper style, and turned their property into a very scary haunted house... or, to be more accurate, haunted garage.

"My boyfriend and a friend of ours were inspired last year when they were fooling around with a speaker, hiding it near the front door and scaring trick or treaters - a little trick before the treat!" said Nadine Gatt with a smile.

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Nadine wanted to add a bit of fun for the kids in her neighbourhood

"Even though it’s not the most acceptable ‘holiday’ in Malta, we wanted to do it so the kids would enjoy the experience of dressing up, not just see dull houses in the neighbourhood and be shooed away - and even adults would see that there isn’t any harm in partaking," said Nadine.

After this year's successful debut, they're already thinking about next year's scares.

"This is the first year it was properly set up and we are already having more ideas for next year!"

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Nadine already has big plans for the 'Haunted Garage'

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And of course, what would Halloween be like without the (healthy) treats?

"We decided to give the trick or treaters homemade popcorn instead of the store-bought sweets since its healthier and enjoyed by almost everyone," she beamed. "Even the parents enjoyed coming in to the smell of popcorn to shelter from the rain - and we gave out over 100 bags!"

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