WATCH: Heartwarming Moment First Service Dog To Ever Enter Mater Dei Gives Boy New Lease On Life

'Andrew was ecstatic!'

Spending weeks recovering in a sterile hospital for weeks isn't fun for anyone, let alone an energetic young boy.

So you can just imagine the sheer joy and excitement that must have entered the room when Ilio the Service Dog was brought into Mater Dei just to play with Andrew.

"San Andrea’s service dog Ilio visited my son Andrew in hospital - and Andrew was ecstatic!" Rachel Bonett, Andrew's mother, told Lovin Malta. "It was such a boost to his morale after three weeks not being able to leave his hospital room this was the first time such an arrangement was permitted."

Apart from the incredible surprise that Ilio gave to Andrew, the moment was extra special because it was the first time a Service Dog had been allowed into the hospital

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Andrew's mother wanted to thank the Maltese people for their support in giving her son an unforgettable experience, and encourage.

"I'd like to thank the school and Fairy Land staff for making the visit happen, as well as all those who in one way or another helped boost Andrew’s morale during this visit," she said. "We would also like to encourage the hospital management to enable more service dog visits inside the hospital especially in the case of children who have been admitted for a long period of time."

The five-year-old Labrador is a Service Dog at San Andrea School, which Andrew attends. Ilio was able to enter Mater Dei hospital thanks to San Andrea School, Fairy Land staff, Stephanie Theuma, the Malta Service Dog Foundation and Andrew's parents.

Lovin Malta Mater Dei Service Dog

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