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WATCH: Here He Goes Again! Kevin Naudi’s New Show Has No Excuses For His Actions And We’re Not Complaining

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Kevin Naudi is soon to be back on tour around the island to deliver some truly hilarious stand-up routines. With his four-nights-only tour hitting some of the best venues in Malta, we thought we’d take a look back at one of his hilarious skits from his previous round.

Wow, this guy really hates the children of Ponytpandy…

Rightly so; Norman Price is always setting fire to shit around the Welsh town, and given that it’s a kids’ show and Kevin has a young daughter, I’m sure he doesn’t want any bad examples being set for her.

Kevin is set to head out on his fourth “Island Tour”, taking a dig at bigger comedic acts that road-trip across Europe.

This time, Kevin’s taking us on an ever better joyride. From Santa Venera, through Msida… all the way to Valletta.

Here I Go Again – No Excuses will feature brand new material, as well as some of the classic bouts we’ve all grown to know and love.

His first two shows were flat-out sellouts.

His third? A resounding success.

Here I Go Again – No Excuses promises to blow all of them out of the park, with nods to HR in the porn industry, the false expectations of turning 40 and wanting to rule the world.

There really is no excuse not to get your hands on tickets, but you’d better act fast – the first two nights (and closing) are almost sold out, so the penultimate show is your best bet if you want to be sure to get the good seats.

Tag a friend who you know will love this show (and still needs to get tickets)!

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