WATCH: Holidaying Family's Breathtaking Vlog Will Remind You Why Malta Is Stunning In Winter

Prepare to get all the goosebumps

For many people out there, Malta is synonymous with the sun, the sea, and summer. That being said, the tiny islands in the Mediterranean are just as jaw-droppingly beautiful in winter, as a video recently uploaded onto Youtube clearly shows.

Jonathan Bonello is half-Maltese but lives in the US. While in Malta for a family wedding over the Christmas holidays, he decided to prepare the ultimate souvenir; a stunning video of his family's stay on the island. Set against a moving orchestral soundtrack and sprawling drone footage, the video is as awesome as they get.

The family walk viewers through some of Malta's most majestic highlights which many people will recognise... this time with an added filter of wind, rain, stormy seas and good-old winter greenery.

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The video is nearly four minutes long, but you'll wishing it was even longer by the end.

Everything from Dingli Cliffs to Mistra Bay feature in the gorgeous footage, and it of course closes off with our very own European Capital of Culture, Valletta.

Jonathan Bonello's love for wintery landscapes and rough seas is very clear; his father had placed ninth in windsurfing at the Olympics, giving Malta its best ever placing in the field for a very long time.

Even with the strong winds and chilly nights that hit the Maltese Islands over the Christmas holidays, the Bonellos' video will make you wish summer would just take its sweet time before descending onto Malta. 

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