WATCH: Horse Dragged Alongside Moving Car In Lija

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Our streets have seen quite a lot of weird and worrying shit, making the infamous #OnlyInMalta still a very valid thing to say in 2017. An anonymous video sent in to Lovin Malta by one of our readers definitely proves that, showing us that the streets of Malta still have a lot of WTF to give. 

The short, 15 second clip shows a horse being dragged alongside a moving car, with the car's driver holding a lead through the open window. The person who sent in the video explained that this was taken in Lija last week, just before noon. The temperature last week felt like 35°C for most of the time, and we're willing to bet it felt worse on the tarmac in a main road at noon.  

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The video ends with the car taking a turn to the right, seemingly driving off the main road. The driver can be seen trying to quickly control the horse while making the turn.

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