WATCH: Hunter Saves Suffocating Turtle In Delimara

A rare and beautiful sight

Turtles in our waters are a rare and beautiful sight. But what's even more rare and beautiful is watching a hunter helping a vulnerable creature to survive instead of shooting it down.

That's what happened in Delimara earlier this week, when a turtle was found in distress after having been caught up in what appears to be fishing line. 

The video of the incident shows one of the men carefully removing the fishing line from the turtle with a large knife, as children around him fear for the creature's life. 

This prompts a friend of the man to say: "You see, it's not the hunters who cause harm. Look how good hearted hunters are." 

The turtle was carefully returned to the sea, looking alive and healthy.

Well done guys! More of this, less ewros fuckers

PS: Next time, just avoid throwing the dangerous fishing line back into the water. 

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