WATCH: Intricate Handmade Maltese Craft Goes Viral

One hour of work compressed into just one beautiful minute

If our souvenier shops are anything to go by, Malta is well known for its Filigree skills. Proving that hard work really does pay off, Handcrafted Malta Filigree uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of a handmade plate. prominently featuring the Maltese Cross. 

In the couple of days it's been online, the video has spread quickly, with thousands of people viewing it and hundreds more sharing it on their profiles. 

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It's pretty easy to see why - it's so intricate, and the one minute time-lapse video shows off the immense talent of artists Kevin Attard and Josephine Cachia. While watching the whole thing, we couldn't help but be amazed at the creativity behind the whole project, but more importantly the sheer patience needed to complete such a job.

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