WATCH: It Lives! Malta's Electric Bus Concept Takes To The Coast Road In New Majestic Video

If you thought this week's designs looked good, wait until you see them in motion

If you, like practically all of the Maltese Islands, fell in love with the retro-modern redesign of our buses, then you absolutely need to watch this.

After renders of the proposed electric bus fleet tore through social media and gained international traction, we now have something even better to stare at and fantasise over; a video of what the buses would look like driving down our roads.

A short clip courtesy of local VFX wizards Stargate Studios sees one of the yellow buses cruise down the Coast Road, looking majestic AF. And while it may only be 10 seconds long, it sure has us wishing we could get these beautiful buses already!

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The glorious revision of Malta's buses is thanks to Mizzi Studio, a London-based Maltese design studio with an impressive portfolios and flawless designs and big awards.

Their plans have already been endorsed by the Transport Minister, Malta Public Transport and Transport Malta, and have received international attention - with the likes of Forbes, Wallpaperand Designboom writing about it.

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