WATCH: Lithuanian Singing Troupe Absolutely Slay Malta's Beloved Eurovision 2005 Hit On 'Choir Wars' TV Competition

You've heard 'Angel', but are you ready for 'Angelai'?

Chiara's 2005 hit Angel is seen by many Maltese people as one of the best shots this island has ever had at winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Going on to place a painfully close second at that year's contest in Ukraine, the song became a Maltese staple by the end of the decade... but even went on to survive the 2010s in other countries, it seems.

In a recently dug-up video from 2013, the Lithuanian choir Indigo Choras covered Chiara's beloved track for a televised singing competition. Aptly named Choir Wars, the TV competition ran for three seasons between 2010 and 2013, airing on Lithuania's TV3 and based on the NBC-licensed Clash of the Choirs competition.

Amassing over 120,000 views on YouTube, the video sees the ensemble sing in their native language instead of the more recognisable English, bringing in a beautiful amount of harmonies to the mix, and adding their own special touch of emotional choreography.

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The "pop chorus" group was specifically formed for the TV project in early 2013, but their music quickly captured the hearts of thousands from all around the world.

Beyond the Chiara cover, in fact, the group's rendition of the Gladiator soundtrack on the same TV show got a great deal of traction, getting over 15 million views over the last couple of years.

And while Indigo's Chiara rendition was utterly beautiful, there's just one more version that's a little closer to our hearts...

Thanks to Jessica Camilleri for the awesome catch!

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