WATCH: Long-Lost Maltese Sisters Reunited On UK's 'The Jeremy Kyle Show'

He even sassed Rachel Vella

Four half-sisters have all been reunited after a tumultuous past saw them separated from each other. Two of the sisters were raised in Malta just a few miles from each other and didn't meet for almost two decades.

The British 'Jerry Springer Show' saw two sisters who live in the UK explaining how Malta's Tista' Tkun Int helped them unite with their Maltese counterpart, Sheridan, a few years back. But there was another surprise in store for them.

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After taking a quick pause to shade Rachel Vella's show for not having the same longevity as his, Jeremy Kyle announced something had changed since their last meeting. 

Sheridan's nanna had always told her she had another sister, who now goes by Chelsey. Sheridan tracked her down, but spent four years trying to pluck up the courage to go and knock on her door. Eventually her curiosity took over and she took the plunge.

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On the show Jeremy Kyle united the sisters from the UK with the latest addition to their family Chelsey. The four hugged it out and wept with joy at the sight of each other, and despite Jeremy asking them not to get too excited before the DNA results were announced, one of the girls was convinced they were related because Chelsey's baby photo was identical to theirs.

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In the end, it turns out they were correct as the DNA test results proved they were indeed all half sisters. Heartwarming.

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