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WATCH: Malta Gets A Not-So-Great Shoutout In Latest Netflix Film

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You might like to think that Malta gets a good rep in the world of filmmaking. After all, our natural landscapes and historical infrastructures have been recognised in blockbuster films like Troy, Gladiator and Assassin’s Creed. 

But it appears that isn’t always the case…

The Red Sea Diving Resort, featuring Chris Evans and Ben Kingsley, dropped on Netflix yesterday and gave Malta a little shout out during one of its scenes… but it wasn’t good. 

The scene starts off with a group of Israeli secret agents rehearsing their fake identities ahead of their mission, including practicing their German, Italian and Australian accents. But when it comes to the guy who is meant to be Maltese, well they just decide to take the piss…

According to the film,  no one knows or cares about Malta (sad face).

Well not everyone, apparently this guy knows what language we speak….

But the worst part of it all is that god awful accent. I mean, a simple Youtube search on ‘Maltese accents’ would yield hundreds, if not thousands, of results and you could’ve taken the piss out of Malta… properly!

I also agree that ‘Irving Wilmington’ is a stupid name for a Maltese person, next time just pick a Borg *facepalm*

That’s right Netflix, us Maltese aren’t happy…. time to unsubscribe (after I finish season three of Stranger Things)

Why did you have to do us like that Chris!?!?


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