WATCH: Malta's Favourite Sister Duo Are Back With A Trilogy Of Songs And Videos Perfect For Spring

Close your eyes, open your ears, and enjoy Silence


The New Victorians, the Maltese songwriting powerhouse of sisters Philippa and Bettina Cassar, exploded onto the local music scene a couple of years ago with their unique tone and blended harmonies. Now, they're back with a three-part series of new material, and it's classic Victorians... with a fresh dash of electronica.

The duo's latest, Silence, is a three-song, three-video narrative featuring identical twins, a youthful energy, and a troublesome relationship. Forming part of a concept EP with storytelling at its heart, the singalong, electronic-infused Comeback and Lie Liar give way to the final, more classic-Victorians-sounding Close Your Eyes. All in all, the three songs really have got something for everyone.

The trilogy of videos were shot in Glasgow, Scotland. The story also features some of the West End's most prominent features, such as Kelvingrove Park and the (very photogenic) surrounding buildings and palaces.

The trio of songs has some strong Bastille vibes to them, not to mention the beautiful vocal harmonies the duo have become synonymous with. All in all, you'd  better get ready for three new anthems to close spring off.

The Cassars ended 2017 saying they're looking to make music their all-time job, embarking on a freelance adventure. And if this new trilogy of releases is anything to go by, they're definitely on the right track to taking things to the next level.

Keeping family, friends and fans constantly updated through their Facebook and Instagram accounts, The New Victorians had been teasing this new project for quite some time. It was indeed back last November, when they were announcing their next big career step, that the Cassars had started hinting at Silence, even going so far as to start a crowdfunding campaign to make their dream a reality.

In fact, it was that same crowdfunding campaign - along with a host of sponsors - that helped make Silence possible. And with such a result, we couldn't be more grateful ourselves!

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