WATCH: Malta's First Cider Takes A Cheeky Twist On The Last Thing You'd Think Of - Pilatus Bank

That's one tuff move...

So, remember back when there was the whole Pilatus Bank/Egrant drama going on, and Malta turned into an actual film set when the bank's owner was chased down the street in the middle of the night carrying some mysterious briefcases?

Well, Malta's first ever locally produced cider 'Tuff' has just gotten to the bottom of what was inside the bags.

Bottles Clink

A whole lot of cider.

The advert is a play on a video that everyone on the island watched when it was posted two years ago, featuring the Azeri bank CEO Ali Sadr Hasheminejad fleeing Pilatus Bank in Ta' Xbiex after being connected to the notorious Egrant scandal.

The guys behind Tuff Cider took this video and gave it a bit of a cheeky twist. Talk about an interesting advert. Or a brave one. Or a... tuff one? Too easy.

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Tuff Cider is a 100% handmade cider with a Maltese storyline

The drink originates from two friends who have long been a part of Malta's alternative band scene, Chris Mallia (Cable35, Beesqueeze) and Ian Schranz (Beangrowers, BarkBarkDisco, The Shh, and now of the Hole In The Wall pub fame).

Chris would often treat people to his home-brewed hard-ciders and Ian insisted that they were too amazing to remain a secret, so they decided to create a local brand together. The name Tuff originated from the Maltese word for apple tuffieħa.

The apples are sourced and fermented in Slovakia, firstly because there isn't enough of a supply of local apples, and secondly because the pair found that Slovak mountain (Tatras) water is of a way better quality than the local one.

The overall objective was that most foreign ciders, like Somerby and Kopaberg, can hardly be considered ciders, with all the artificial additives to create the flavour, whereas Tuff is simply apples and water. Nothing else. It's ideal for vegetarians, vegans & celiacs, contains no GMOs and is gluten free.

Tuff launched in three flavours - apple, cherry and pear - but some very interesting and new flavours are on the horizon. Tuff will be sponsoring some music events throughout the island this summer, with the overall ethos being; having fun, keeping it handmade and rock and roll.

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