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WATCH: Malta’s Parking Problem Leaves Local Actor Feeling Hopeless About The Country’s Future

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When it comes to dealing with the trifecta of cars, parking and police in Malta, you’ll end up going down a winding road of frustration and disappointment.

Maltese actor and model Ragnar Ciantiar experienced just that when he found himself in a helpless situation when trying to get a forklift to move some furniture into his apartment.

Ragnar took to Facebook to express his disappointment at the Maltese system which let him down despite the fact that he had followed all procedures and protocols to the note.

Not only was he let down by the carelessness and disregard of the driver, who blatantly ignored a no parking sign, but he was let down by authorities from the police force to LESA who offered no real solution to the problem.

“So when you do things the way it’s meant to be, pay money and end up getting screwed over anyways,” he said.

“With all respect, how can this country move forward?”

While the driver suffered no consequences as a result of the ordeal, it was Ragnar at the end of the day who paid the price after having to fork out €60 to pay for the forklift to not do its job.

“When you do things the right way, you still find those who still do whatever they want and you end paying more and getting nothing done.”

The sad reality of the situation is that this isn’t an isolated incident but a common occurrence in daily life with hundreds taking to the comments section of the video to share their experiences.

Have you been in a similar situation? Let us know in the comments below

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