WATCH: Maltese Baker Becomes Beloved Star After Behind-The-Scenes UK TV Show

Little white cottage loaves have never been so dramatic

A TV show taking viewers behind-the-scenes of businesses and companies may have made a hero out of one shy Maltese baker. 

Paul has been a baker for more than 34 years, but when the bakery he works for - Maher & Sons - ends up on Mary, Queen of Shops after falling on hard times, he is pushed into the spotlight, and into a bit of a dramatic situation.

And even though the show aired a few years ago, people are still falling in love with the Maltese baker till this day.

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Paul the Maltese baker

His boss, Angela, seems set to drag the company into bankruptcy, so Mary Portas is called in to what she can do to turn the failing business around.

When she realises Paul the Maltese baker is the real talent behind the bakery though, all eyes turn to him. 

The humble and affable Maltese baker is soon caught between Angela, his conservative boss, and Mary Portas, who wants to start producing more artisanal breads.

Paul seems interested in trying out new breads: "if you meet a baker who says he knows everything, then you can call him a liar because there's always something to learn."

Mary herself says that she believes that Paul "is the centre of the vision" that she has for the bakery.

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However, things don't go so smoothly for the team at Maher & Sons, with a lot more roasting happening instead baking, especially whenever Angela steps into the room. 

The London company has since closed down since the episode aired in 2010, with mainly TV critics calling this episode one of the best in the Mary, Queen of Shops series. 

Here's hoping that Paul found a more loving bakery to settle in.

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