WATCH: Maltese Dad Gets The Cutest Christmas Surprise Ever

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This Maltese dad's Christmas just got a whole lot brighter after his daughter, Kriss, flew all the way over from Canada just to surprise him for the holidays.

The rest of the family was in on the whole prank, and were more than happy to repay their dad, Kenneth, for tricking them all with a similar surprise visit from Kriss a few months back.


The best part of it all? There was a Lovin Malta connection we didn't even know about as the Zammit Endrichs (remember Ceci from Lovin Lounge?) told their father that we were making a families-caroling compilation as part of the #LovinMiliedChallenge and they wanted to be in it!

Kriss has been living in Canada for the past few years where she works at a local church, as well as designing adorable greeting cards.

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