WATCH: Maltese Dog Gets Inducted Into The Internet Hall Of Fame

Our very own meme star

Legendary Maltese cliff-diving dog Titti has just been featured as the subject of a viral video that was posted on YouTube and shared all over Facebook overnight. The video was posted by Grandayy, a meme-making YouTuber with over 100k subscribers.  Grandayy also has a Facebook page where he uploaded the video, which has since then been shared over 800 times, racking up millions of views. 

The video also features Gabe the Dog, a feisty little puppy that has over the last year been featured in audio remixes of hundreds of songs. The song used in the video is Bag Raiders' Shooting Stars, which has recently been used in many a viral meme video, including the original video that inspired all these memes:

Titti's latest appearance comes less than a fortnight after he was confirmed to star in a new ITV show called The Secret Life Of Dogs, produced by BAFTA and Emmy-award-winning producer Oxford Scientific Films.

The Maltese Jack Russell gained worldwide fame in 2016 after videos emerged of him diving into St. Peter's with his owner Carmelo Abela. Since then, videos of Titti and Carmelo diving have racked up dozens of millions of views, and he also a Facebook page with more than 8,000 followers.

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